Servoy Tutorials & Examples

  • IMPORTANT: All of our tutorials are for Servoy 4.1 or higher. If you don't have a copy (or you're using an older version) - click here to download the FREE Servoy Community Edition that includes Servoy Developer, Servoy Application Server and 5 concurrent Servoy Clients*

    *Free for non-commercial use

We've come up with some tutorials and some sample files - and we hope you enjoy them! If you have suggestions or comments- please contact us at Contact Us.

  • Clickware - Documentorium for Seroy  Documentorium for Servoy

    We had a customer that required us to create some technical documentation for a solution we built - and we found ourselves wanting to get a "30,000 foot view" of the solution. So, we developed Documentorium. It will generate a HTML-based report that you can export (single click) that show how many lines of code you have in your total solution, in all global and form scripts, will document all relations, global and form variables, global and form methods, all valuelists, all media and also includes full cross-referencing so you can see what forms (or other methods) reference other methods.

    We also wanted to make this tool inexpensive and completely open (so you can modify it however you want). All you have to do is to include it as a module in the solution you want to document, navigate to the single form and press the "Document Solution" button. Within a few seconds, your report will appear. You can view it on-screen - or output to HTML. BUY NOW (only US$19.95!)

    If you sign up for our newsletter - you can get a 25% discount - so it's only $14.95! Click the Get FREE Stuff! button in the upper right side of the screen!

    Screenshot  |  Full Example Report (Servoy CRM Sample)

  • Clickware - How to Install Servoy Applications  How To Install Servoy Applications

    This PDF explains in detail how to install Servoy applications - instructions you'll need to know if you want to try out any of our sample files below. It shows you how to create a new Sybase database (you don't have to use Sybase, but if you just do the default install, then you're using Sybase) and how to use the browser interface to import a solution.

    Download (247k)

  • Clickware - Servoy Example - Simple Animation  Simple Animation

    This example demonstrates some simple animation techniques by moving objects around the screen. You can chooose the direction and speed - and is a good example of dynamically moving objects at runtime.

    Download (17k)  |  Screenshot

  • Clickware - Servoy Example - HTML Summary Report  HTML Summary Report

    This example demonstrates how to create a summary report using HTML. It is based on the "example_data" connection that is installed by default with Servoy - but you can use the same technique for any kind of data on any one of your connections.

    Download (21k)  |  Screenshot

  • Clickware - Servoy Example - Progress Bar JavaBean  Progress Bar JavaBean

    This is a simple example file showing how to use the progress bean in your own Smart Client applications (it's not Web Client compatible).

    Download (13k)  |  Screenshot

  • Clickware - Servoy Example - Converting RTF to HTML  Converting RTF to HTML (and back)

    This example file demonstrates some text parsing and re-writing code that we came up with when we had to create a way to convert RTF to HTML or HTML to RTF. The scripts are pretty self-explanatory - but somewhat long (it's not Web Client compatible).

    Download (23k)  |  Screenshot

  • Clickware - Servoy Example - SQL Query Builder  SQL Query Builder

    This simple file contains only two global fields and a single button. You can enter any SQL query, choose the database connection and execute the query. If the query was successful - you'll see the data displayed in HTML below the query.

    Download (13k)  |  Screenshot