Clickware Part of YOUR team

Plan It.

Without a plan - you project will fail. Projects fail when expectations are not aligned with results. Differences in expectations, goals, and priorities are substantial contributers to IT project failures. At Clickware, we get that - and we can help align expectations with results:

  • Listen

    Clickware can help you get a handle on your requirements.

  • Plan

    Clear communication is key - get everyone on the same page.

  • Revise

    A spec is not a sacred cow. It will, for sure, change by deployment.

The planning process does not have to be a multi-month affair with endless meetings, endless PowerPoint presentations and endless haggling. As a third party - we can offer objective advice and help you reach your business goals for the project - both in the short term, and in the longer term as well. But you have to start with a plan.

Clickware can help you get your blueprint done in record time...


Build It.

There is much more to executing your application plan than code. Of course the coding process is important - but there are a lot of other issues that can cause your project to get off track or even fail. Clickware has developed a lot of solutions over the years - and we know "where the bodies" lie when it comes to development:

  • Requirements Issues

    Just as it's important to keep your end users in the loop during development - it's also just as important to manage scope creep and ensure that the technology you choose is up for the job.

  • Stakeholder & Team Issues

    Expectation management is a key driver for success. It's important to have dedicated resources and 100% buy-in from the project owner and to make sure that everyone is updated on the progress on a regular basis.

  • Project Management Issues

    There have been thousands of books written on project management. Why? Because it's not an easy task. Your project needs to be actively managed - but you don't have to do it by yourself.

Clickware has the experience to help you through out the development process - whether we're actually doing the coding or not. If you do choose to have us code your project - we keep you involved in the process the entire time. If you have your own development team - we can help give "an outsider's" perspective during the development process...