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  • Clickware - Documentorium Lite for FileMaker  Documentorium for Servoy

    After we released our Documentorium tool for Servoy, some of our FileMaker customers asked if they could have something similar. As we were developing the FileMaker version - it quickly became clear that we didn't have access to all the object attributes like we do in Servoy. So we decided to build a Documentorium "Lite" verion - that does not require FileMaker Pro Advanced. This sweet little toole will generate a HTML-based report that you can export (single click) that will document any database you happen to have opened (either a local file - or one over the network). Documentorium Lite for FileMaker allows you to get a good idea of what's going on in your solution from a structural point of view without having to run a full DDR (Database Design Report). That's assuming you have the Advanced version of FileMaker Pro (the DDR is not available on the regular "Pro" version).

    We also wanted to make this tool inexpensive and completely open (so you can modify it however you want). All you have to do is open it up in FileMaker 9.0 or higher and press the "Document Solution" button. Within a few seconds, your report will appear. You can view it on-screen - or output to HTML. BUY NOW (only US$19.95!)

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    Screenshot  |  Full Example Report (from the default Contacts example file)