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Get LIVE, Personal Training NOW!

For a limited time, Clickware is offering incredible deals on personal training packages:

$995 web training, $1495 onsite training

Nothing compares with live training. Studies have shown that live training (versus self-paced or "canned" training) is the most effective way to learn.

BUT, with the economy in the state it's currently in, it's time-consuming and expensive to attend a training in a specific city. Not only do you have to pay the fee for the training, but you have to buy airfare, reserve a hotel, pay for transportation from the airport to the hotel - so say nothing of the lost productivity while you wait in the security line, wait for the plane to be loaded, spend time on the flight, get your rental car or shuttle - and that's all BEFORE you even get there!

Then, you attend a training class that covers about 3-5 topics you REALLY need help in - BUT, you have to "sit through" the other 85% of stuff you already know. Then it's back to the hotel, ordering room service or going to eat in an over-priced restaurant only to do it again in the morning. Then, after the training, you do it all AGAIN, this time in reverse - just to get back home and then it's back to work. Hopefully, you've retained enough of the training to make all the time and expense worth it where it really matters - on YOUR project.


There is.

Personalized training. Whether you want to stay in your own office and take advantage of web-collaboration software, or whether you want to stay in your office and have that live training experience - Clickware is here to help. Bob Cusick, one of the four original founders of Servoy, can help guide you through YOUR issues in YOUR office on YOUR project. You can ask YOUR individual questions, get help with YOUR individual programming challenges, and get the benefit and experience of someone who has helped literally hundreds of companies migrate their technology platforms.

So whether you have specific challenges to solve, or you need a better understanding of the Servoy platform, or you want to train a group of new programmers, or you want to plan your migration to Servoy - Clickware has you covered.

To take advantage of this offer of PERSONAL Training offer - simply send an email to [email protected] - and indicate whether you would like the personal web training, or the personal onsite training - and what date you would like to start. We'll follow up with you to ensure we can get you on the LIMITED SCHEDULE.

Because Bob's time is limited - this offer is on a first-come, first-served basis and will only be available for a limited time.

You KNOW you (and your project!) could benefit from personal training - and now it's even more affordable than ever! Simply send an email to [email protected] today - and reserve your dates before they're gone!

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$995 web training, $1495 onsite training

The $995 web training is valid for two (2) sessions of four (4) hours each sessions only - and cannot be brown down into smaller units. The 2 sessions must be scheduled within 14 days of each other. If one session is scheduled and used, and the other session is not scheduled within 14 days, the second session will be forfeited. There are NO REFUNDS on partially used web training sessions. The $1495 onsite training offer is for any 2 business days on customer site (Tuesday-Thursday) and is valid for any number of trainees. Travel costs are not included in the $1495 price ($1995 if outside of the US and Canada) - and may include: airfare, lodging, meals, parking and transportation costs. Travel arrangements can be made by the customer or by Clickware. If travel is arranged by Clickware, the customer agrees to pay the invoice immediately upon receipt via check, wire transfer, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot!

Other FREE Resources

We also have a number of other training-related resources to help you with your Servoy development efforts: including Free Webinars, Servoy Tutorials and Flash Videos.